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Shake It Off  
04:12pm 02/01/2012
Completely Peccable
We're officially two days into the new year, and I'm finally getting around to updating. It's been a while, huh. There's been a good reason for that - I've been ill for almost the entire month of December, and it's still going on. All the ugly details are on my plurk, but it's basically been my stomach disagreeing with me on a good number of counts. It's kind of amazing how many episodes of Phineas and Ferb you can get through when you're taking it easy on the couch for days on end. As it is, there are good days and bad days, so here's hoping things are on the up-and-up.

I know this is the time when we're supposed to look back at the past year and Reflect On Things, but I've never been the biggest fan of that, partially because my memory is ridiculously short and terrible and partially because I have a habit of basking in the good things as they happen but remembering the negative things well afterwards. There's been a pretty negative spin on my December for multiple reasons, and I don't want to go back and reminisce about the year through that lens, because while 2011 wasn't the nicest year, it didn't unequivocally suck either, and I'd rather not remember the entire year as though it did.

There was an image on plurk asking if we wanted to see the new year as a baby - easily influenced, helpless, and bossed around - or as a young warrior, eager to go forth, kick ass, and have awesome adventures. 2012 is a warrior year, guys. Let's make it one.

I actually did make resolutions for this year, though! They are as follows:

1. Finish my NaNo story, even if that doesn't happen until NaNo this year;
2. Go to at least one out of state convention (so not in CA);
3. Be more fiscally responsible (I don't have issues or anything, but I could stand to keep track of things a bit better).

So, iki_teru, synchroshatter, I plan on running spell check and trying (and likely failing...) to do a once-over of my NaNo story soon. Are you still up for beta duties?

And finally, given recent happenings that have happened at LiveJournal, I am now officially posting from Dreamwidth. I'll still cross-post entries to my LJ and I will still check my LJ flist, but I've officially made the jump. Friend me over here if you'd like. :Db (Though I do need a new mood theme for DW - anybody have any good ones?)

This entry was originally posted at http://kiaxet.dreamwidth.org/337750.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
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02:09am 04/01/2012 (UTC)
*hug* I hope your tummy stops being so rebellious, and that it's a marginally wash fix :x </p>

And Yus! I am willing and able and waiting :3 I'm currently without Internet, but it should be up by Saturday so any time from that point on, feel free to send it!

(also, did we ever get a total for the dress? :x)

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(no subject)
04:53am 04/01/2012 (UTC)
Completely Peccable: Utter Confusion (Flonne)
Yeah, I'm still waiting for it to calm the hell down. No Disneyland until it does - I'd rather not risk it - so. Yeah. Here's hoping.

Okay! I'm not sure I have your email, though - is it on your LJ?

(I haven't sent it yet, but it's on the Do This Dammit list for Saturday. Depending on how shipping is, we're looking at ~$50 total.)
Looks Like: Utter Confusion (Flonne)
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(no subject)
01:40am 05/01/2012 (UTC)
Hrm. The email should be but if it's not: Vidrine_charm@yahoo.com

Woo! And I'll send you the paypal that day, since interwebs shall be restored and I'm not fighting with that site on my phone.
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(no subject)
04:02am 05/01/2012 (UTC)
Completely Peccable: Brilliant!
Well, it looks like that email has worked so far. Here's hoping.

Sounds good! I shall get that sent off on the weekend, then, and hopefully you will have it shortly thereafter.
Looks Like: Brilliant!
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(no subject)
04:39am 05/01/2012 (UTC)
Email received! :D can't wait to get to read it!
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(no subject)
09:51pm 04/01/2012 (UTC)
Synchrony: flowers
Sorry to hear you're ill. D: Hope you're feeling better soon! *hugs*

Definitely still up for betaing! Just send it over whenever's good for you (I think you've still got my email?). The next two weeks or so will be very busy for me so I might not be able to get much done, but I can probably make a start!

At the risk of sounding really stupid, what did I miss with the whole 'everyone's off to Dreamwidth' thing? I got a few of the details, but yeah. I sort of looked away for five minutes and now everyone's relocated. XD
Looks Like: flowers
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(no subject)
04:12am 05/01/2012 (UTC)
Completely Peccable: Girly Little Ankles
Thank you /all the hugs! I hope it clears up soon, too.

I do have your email and I just sent it to you. It's pretty dang long, but I'm not in a hurry - whenever you get around to it is good.

HAHAHA OH MAN it's kind of a long saga. If you look at default comment pages (find a community in which customized comment pages are turned off and you'll see what I mean), they are now ugly as hell. Basically, LJ changed a whole bunch of things that didn't need to be changed - S1 comment pages, removing subject line in comments, layout, icon choosing, auto refreshing, losing the Parent and Link buttons, all sorts of fun stuff. The site doesn't work for a good number of users, it's completely nonfunctional on mobile devices, and the new layout is giving some people migraines. It didn't help that automatic payments "accidentally" got turned on for some paid accounts that either did not or have never used them. The straw that broke the camel's back, however, was the fact that igrick, the head of LJ Russia (so essentially the head of LJ), has handled everything poorly. He's made it clear that feedback doesn't matter to him, calling people who reported the automatic payments liars and slanderers and referring to thousands of comments from users who can no longer use the site well (if at all) as "spam." It's pretty bad when the guy at the top could not care less.

With a ton of changes (few of which were for the better), a broken site, and customer service that was anything but, and with Dreamwidth allowing users to make new journals without invite codes...yeah. A good chunk of the RP community up and transferred to DW, and it looks like a good chunk of fandom is going as well. It's a ton of paid time for DW and a ton that LJ's missing out on, but...eh. Such things happen.

So yeah, I moved! |Db
Looks Like: Girly Little Ankles
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(no subject)
12:24am 06/01/2012 (UTC)
Synchrony: roxas
I got it! I did manage to have a quick look at the beginning so far- the fact Cloud and Zack are both alive and well in this world is a huge bonus for me! Though now I've said that, they're both going to die, aren't they? :p

Oh, wow. That's...a lot of stuff that could've been avoided. o_O I'd noticed the comments changing and wondered why it needed to be done when it was fine before, but the rest I hadn't heard about (I don't use LJ on my phone and I've never had a paid account, so yeah). I guess by his reaction that he doesn't seem to care about driving members away, which is kind of stupid given LJ's a business based on providing a service, and if Dreamwidth gets a lot busier fandom-wise than LJ, even the people who didn't really know or care about all this will probably end up heading that way too.

Not the most coherent reply to it all, I know, but I'm still busy squinting at the screen going "whaaaat?". XD
Looks Like: roxas
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(no subject)
05:01am 06/01/2012 (UTC)
Completely Peccable: Facepalm (Silver)
No, actually! They just get caught in the abyss of Minor Character Continuity Issues that I seem to have swirling around the edges of this fic. I never know where the hell they are at any given moment, so they seem to come and go without rhyme or reason. Oops. |D

The thing is, a lot of people didn't know about it initially, given that it was announced in Russian on igrick's journal and never really explained in the news comm at all. Google Translate is our friend, I suppose.

But yeah, it's been a rather amazing customer service snafu. And don't worry, "what" was a pretty common reaction. |Db
Looks Like: Facepalm (Silver)
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