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(no subject)  
06:10pm 13/03/2012
Completely Peccable
Oh man my life what even |D

I had that followup interview on Tuesday and...haven't heard a thing. Okay! Waiting is something I can do.

I managed to read Game of Thrones in about three and a half days, and I'm still not entirely sure what on Earth I was reading that entire time. I haven't got it in me for an extensively spoilery discussion at the moment, but I am borrowing the next few books from orelleperedhil, so that should be all sorts of interesting.

...seriously what did I just read I don't even. Martin means business, man.

I went to Vegas for the first time on Wednesday! I went to go see the Air Force play in the Mountain West conference and to hang out with my parents. The game was one of the most infuriating games I've ever been to - seriously, I'd be willing to bet somebody had money on the game that they really shouldn't have (i.e. coaches, refs, somebody), the opposing team's fans booed our team as they came onto the court, and the refs were flat blind - so that was not good, but the rest of the visit was great. I managed to win ~$100 at craps and found a receipt for $140 in a change machine, so that was an unexpected but awesome windfall. Also, the food at the Paris is amazing. Cannot wait to go back in May.

On the job front, I got a call yesterday, an interview today, and I start working tomorrow in a receptionist position 30 minutes away (hnnnngh, but that's life) at a place that requires business professional dress. I need more than one suit jacket, I think. It's a temp gig and it holds down the fort while I look for more permanent things, so that is good!

And Wondercon is this weekend! I still need to figure out what I'm cosplaying as - I know I'll do Applejack and Linkara, but I haven't figured out a third yet.

So yeah. Life suddenly got busy. Who knew?

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(no subject)
01:44am 14/03/2012 (UTC)
Corri: Theon Amused
You read Game of Thrones? Welcome to the crazy train party! I'd love to talk when you're ready. I promise I won't spoil you. I've only read to book 2.

Sounds like you have fun in Vegas, bad refs notwithstanding.

Can't wait for Wondercon! I'm looking forward to hanging out some!
Looks Like: Theon Amused
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(no subject)
02:05am 14/03/2012 (UTC)
Completely Peccable: Way With Words
Yeah, because my mom had it and I needed a book for the flight home from Vegas. She gave me her copy. Knowing how fast I read, I'll probably be through book 2 sometime next week, so we can commiserate together.

Oh, aside from the game, Vegas was an absolute blast. :D

Yessss can't wait to see you then! We don't hang out enough as it is.
Looks Like: Way With Words
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(no subject)
03:06pm 15/03/2012 (UTC)
ghettopeach: intentionally blank
Yay! Someone else on the crazy train! Woooooo!

(Although didn't you just say like a week ago that you weren't remotely interested in reading it? Or was that someone else? IDK.)

Anyway, good luck with job stuff!
Looks Like: intentionally blank
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