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I have no clever puns for this line, though I wish I did.  
11:34pm 17/08/2012
Completely Peccable
Believe it or not, I'm still out here somewhere! Despite still having an anagrammed X name, I do exist! Nothing like a good existential crisis to remind you that you're still alive!

Now that that joke's gone on far too long and made me look far more desperate than I actually amm...hi! Yeah, it's been a ridiculously long time since I've updated this journal, and I blame the fact that updating here actually takes some amount of cohesive thought and effort. I haven't had a lot of that to spare lately. Most of it's going to work, where we're wrapping up two massive summer projects. Classes start again on Friday, which means teachers come back Thursday, which means all of our lives up in the tech department are about to get insanely busy. That's going to be interesting. Most of my waking hours have been going to that, and I'm probably going to do some working from home this weekend in order to get things done. Things should calm down again on the work front in...October, maybe...so that'll be nice.

The other thing that's eaten my life, at least for about a week, was the release of KH3D. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you saw a bit of my frustration; if you have me on Plurk, you got the full-on screaming fury. I was even swearing at things IRL, which surprised the hell out of my roommate. I don't usually get that profane about...anything, really. I won't give spoilers here (though I'd be happy to link the exceedingly spoilery plurk rants if anyone wants them), but as far as final thoughts go, I really did enjoy this game. It gave me quite a bit to think about in terms of character development; it had a battle system that I both enjoyed and hated by turns (I cannot tell you how many times I died while waiting for Cure to recharge); I spent way too much time naming and feeding and petting and generally loving upon my Dream Eaters and enjoying the hell out of that; and it played Devil Went Down to Georgia on my heartstrings, but this is Kingdom Hearts and that's a given at this point. There are still a few massive WHAT IS THIS EVEN scenes and plot points I need to watch again and discuss with someone, and I do think they need to rename the Xanatos Gambit the Xehanort Gambit, but overall it wasn't too terribly difficult to follow. (Though, really, I thought Storm of Swords had given me a pretty bad Everything You Know Is Wrong moment, and then I played 3D. Wow.) Overall, I give it an A and I will probably play through it again in very short order.

As for the usual IRL stuff, health is about the same as usual (imperfect but I'll live, way the hell better than December was), work is busy as mentioned but still much better than my last job, and apartment things are pretty chill. My mom actually came down last weekend for three days with me at Disneyland; of course, it had to be 95 degrees for those three days, so we were pretty much melting from heat the entire time. It was still a ton of fun - we have bizarre and hilarious ride photos down to an art now - and it was nice to have Mom down here for a change, even if avoiding political discussions is much the same as tango-ing around the elephant in the room and my (exceedingly sane by California standards) driving does terrify her. Still! Good times.

As far as writing and fandom activities go...yeah. I have a long list of fics to finish and an even longer list of edits to make on my NaNo fic in progress so I can continue working on it and hopefully finish it this November. (Synchro, you are a saint for having looked over all of that. Seriously.) RP drive has also been flagging a bit, but that's something else I need to sit down and parse out for a bit and today is just not that day. At some point, yes, but not now.

Finally, I am running a music blog and a Disneyland blog! If you have a tumblr, please follow my ridiculous stuff; if you have a tumblr or a plurk or a Twitter or if you're on Adagio (yes, tea, it's awesome), give me your username and let's be friends there too :Db

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08:56pm 18/08/2012 (UTC)
Synchrony: aqua = win
Hey, you're welcome. ^-^ Hope things calm down for you soon work-wise- more fic (and, you know, time to chill out and all) is always a good thing!

I'm trying to hold off buying KH 3D until I've finished up my work, but seeing everyone play it isn't making it any easier! XD I'm kind of torn between wanting to know what happens and trying to remain spoiler free. Definitely worth getting though?
Looks Like: aqua = win
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(no subject)
09:09pm 18/08/2012 (UTC)
Completely Peccable: My Fandom is Canon
Honestly, I'm giving it a month. That's about how long it'll take for the panic over switching email servers, revamping the website, and getting new computers in some classes and for some faculty to blow over. And I have been writing! It just hasn't been project-oriented - it'll be two pages of random BBS Harry Potter-style AU and then I'm off in la-la land again. My work ethic, man.

DON'T SPOIL YOURSELF DON'T SPOIL YOURSELF DON'T SPOIL YOURSELF! Half the fun of 3D is in the masterful execution - I know people who were spoiled for the end, played the game anyway, and were still surprised at how things played out. Go in spoiler-free if you possibly can (and pad your 3DS if you're the GAMER RAGE type - I nearly threw mine across the room a few times). 3D is actually the first game I've played since KH2, and yes, it is definitely worth getting.
Looks Like: My Fandom is Canon
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